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Food Security is a Huge Problem Worth Solving

As you may know if you have been following this blog, the goal of Coca-Cola Founders is to help solve some of Coca-Cola’s biggest growth challenges by partnering with experienced entrepreneurs. Like other established companies, Coke is great at developing solutions using our existing capabilities, but emerging technologies and business models are still largely being designed by external entrepreneurs. Coca-Cola … Read more

Nothing Speaks Louder Than Results

In 2012, we were asked to help The Coca-Cola Company develop a repeatable and scalable model for “disruptive innovation.” As we reach the end of the fourth year of this journey, I thought I’d take a minute and reflect on where we are…   From the beginning, we decided to learn by doing.   “Everybody has a plan until they … Read more

Three Things I’ve Learned As A Corporate VC

After reading Semil Shah’s two recent posts on “Reflecting on the first 100 investments” and “Investment lessons from Howard Lindzon,” I was inspired to write this post where I share the top three lessons I have learned over the past three years being part of the Coca-Cola Founders team.     For those who are not familiar with what we … Read more

Powering The Retail Industry With Predictive Analytics

In this post, I will share some thoughts on why I think predictive analytics, which is also sometimes called prescriptive analytics, have become one of the most sought after solutions within the retail industry. Why? Because predicting what shoppers are likely to do is critical to understanding how best to complete the dialogue with them.     So what exactly … Read more

2 of Coca-Cola’s Biggest Growth Challenges

Whenever we talk to entrepreneurs or investors about the Coca-Cola Founders model, one of the first questions we get asked is about our focus and thesis. They want to know what the goal of the platform is. Simply put, we focus on solving some of Coke’s biggest growth challenges today. Not five years or 10 years from now: what’s facing … Read more

Is My Price Right?

One of the most important decisions for any startup, especially those with an enterprise focus, is figuring out the price to charge for a product or service. But figuring out the “right” price to charge for a product or service for any start up is hard to do. There are a couple of reasons for this. One reason is that … Read more

3 Reasons We Co-Create With Entrepreneurs

One of my family’s favorite places to go is Disney World. We’ve been going every year since my daughters were very young. One big improvement Disney has made in recent years is the launch of what they call, the MagicBand.     In 2015, Disney launched the MagicBand. Wired published an article which tells the story much better than I … Read more

Three Questions To Ask Your Enterprise Advisor

If you have been reading this blog, you probably already know that the Coca-Cola Founders model is based on identifying real, immediate challenges across the Coca-Cola System and then partnering with entrepreneurs capable of developing new technologies and business models to tackle those challenges.     We’ve found that, despite the vast resources and expertise we have within Coke, entrepreneurs … Read more

Top 5 differences in pitching to Strategic vs. Traditional Investors

This is a follow up to my most recent post, Strategic vs Traditional Investors, and I would like to discuss the key differences between the content required for a strategic vs. traditional investor pitch deck.     First, it may be helpful to provide a bit more background on investor pitch decks in general. Why are they so important and what … Read more

Disruptive Innovation is Disruptive

Marketing Week just named 100 of the most disruptive brands in 2016. Wonolo and Winnin, two of our Coca-Cola Founders portfolio companies, were included. This is awesome for them but it also validates what we’re trying to do through our platform—create disruptive innovation.   Disruptive innovation is very difficult for big, established companies. In this post, I’ll go deep into … Read more